[] Snapshot Pro Nulled WordPress Backup Plugin

Have you ever made a change that broke your site, or been hacked and wished you could go back in time?

Snapshot Pro Nulled creates full site automated and on-demand backups to both local and cloud servers.

Snapshot Pro Nulled Features

Scheduled Backups : Restore points make it easy to try something new and jump back in a flash if it doesn’t work. Schedule automated backups or run Snapshot Pro Nulled before you change a line of code, update WordPress core or activate a plugin.

  • Hosted & Convenient : Your active WPMU DEV membership gives you secure hosted backups with 10GB of storage and one-click restoration from The Hub!
  • Direct to the Cloud : Destinations make it easy to save directly to Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Google Drive or by FTP and SFTP.
  • Finetune Controls : Store as many Snapshots as you like or use rolling backups to remove the oldest backup when a new snapshot is created.
  • Time Travel : Label snapshots so you can quickly find a specific backup point when you need it most.
  • He’s Got Your Back : Protect your site’s future with Snapshot and never get caught with your site’s backend exposed again!
  • Mega Storage Upgrade, Lowest Prices Guaranteed : Get more space at the lowest prices in WordPress guaranteed.

Snapshot Pro Nulled Demo:


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