e-Creative – e-Addons for Elementor 1.1.1

A collection of fascinating solutions that e-addons offers you as widgets and extensions with a high creative rate.
Free your imagination, get out of the box or simply find solutions to your requests.

Thanks to the e-addons Sounds, you can make your site more interactive with audio clips to be reproduced on demand.
Play a Click on user interaction or start sounds to increase site immersion.

  • Executed when user move pointer on the element
  • Executed when user move pointer off the element
  • The most classic event
  • Executed just before the Click, useful when another script block the click
  • Executed just after the Click

Groups of images moving with each other and with respect to the cursor
The Parallax movement widget, based on the famous “parallax.js” library, allows us to create a group of images and manage their movement based on different coefficients with respect to the position of the mouse on desktop or device-orientation on mobile.
This is a highly creative e-addons widget that will allow us to build interactive, engaging, unexpected situations.

Create text animations based on LETTERS, WORDS OR LINES
The Animated Text widget allows you to create a sequence of texts (words or paragraphs) that are followed with animations.
This e-addons widget allows you to animate by indicating whether to act on single letters, words, or lines and managing inbound and outbound movement. Some predefined transition styles are available, but thanks to the speed setting, the source, and timing function you can customize them. In addition, your creative possibilities increase by changing the color and typography of each series of texts.

For each 360 rotation, it requires a specific folder on the server containing all the images of the project.
The 360 Image rotator widget, uses a sequence of images placed in a folder on your server to create the effect of a 360 ° rotatable image.
By dragging it with the mouse on the desktop or using the touch on mobile you can navigate the image by rotating it.

Highlight differences between 2 images with the before-after widget
The Before-After widget allows you to compare 2 images on a display interface that reacts to drag or click.
As the name suggests, it is the best solution to show before and after situations: furniture, photo retouching, restoration, surgery, and much more.
Vertical or horizontal scrolling effects make the UX of this fantastic e-addons widget even more enjoyable.

Note please install both files (Need nulled e-addons-for-elementor provided to work properly )

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