[2.1.5] WPCS Nulled 2.1.4 – WordPress Currency Change Plugin

This is a WordPress currency plugin that allows visitors to your site to switch currency prices in the content of your site in accordance with real-time currency rates!

WordPress Currency Switcher (WPCS) is WordPress currency plugin, that allows your site visitors switch prices currencies in your site content according to set currencies rates in the real time!

Power marketing tool for WordPress sites where its necessary display content in more than one currency. Ideal solution to make your site commercial suggestion more clear for customers from different countries! Good for any marketing programs, catalogs, portfolios and any commercial text-content (propositions).

✔ Welcome currency
Allows to set any price currency you want for your site visitors first visit. So if your site currency is INR and you want let your customers on their first visit see prices converted to USD you just need to set ‘Welcome currency’ in WPCS options.

✔ Compatibility with cache plugins
If your site uses any cache plugins enable option ‘I am using cache plugin on my site’, reset the site cache and from now your site visitors can switch currencies without any problems!

✔ Price info icon
Show info icon near the price which while its under mouse hover shows prices in all other currencies

✔ Prices without cents
Recounts prices without cents for such currencies like JPY or TWD which by its nature have not cents. Test it for checkout after setup!

✔ Possible to change currency according to the language
If you you using WPML or Polylang plugins in your site and by business logic you want to set currency according to the current language it is possible with WPCS API

WPCS Nulled 2.1.4 Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-currency-switcher/17450674

WPCS Nulled 2.1.4 Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/1D7ESCEB/currency-switcher-nulled-2.1.4.zip_links

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