[1.3.3] Thrive Optimize 1.3.2 NULLED – Best A / V Test Plugin for WordPress

Thrive Optimize is a plug-in for Thrive Architect designed specifically for non-technical data-driven technicians. Whatever results you currently receive, A / B tests will improve them over time. Sometimes in the form of small gains (which accumulate over time to make a big difference). And from time to time, when the A / B test surprisingly doubles or triples your business.

Most online marketing “experts” these days would scream “Don’t be silly… for sure A, the video landing page version!”

But let’s be real… that’s just a guess. You and I both know there’s only one way to know which variation will convert better.

In the real life split test I showed with you above, trusting the “experts” would have cost us thousands of new email subscribers over the life of our landing page. But because we assumed ignorance and actually tested our video landing page hypothesis against a text variation, we surprised ourselves.

Extrapolate that conversion difference over several weeks, months or even years and you start to realize just how important running A/B tests are to growing your business. Trusting the marketing gurus is just plain dangerous. 

These things are great if you run a large company with a marketing / science division of some kind and you have people who’s full time job it is to understand what the heck all of those words even mean and how to use the space-shuttle-cockpit resembling interfaces in these tools.

Thrive Optimize 1.3.2 NULLED Demo: https://thrivethemes.com/optimize/

Thrive Optimize 1.3.2 NULLED Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/08VGWDQL/thrive-ab-page-testing-nulled-1.3.2.zip_links

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