[1.6.4] YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages Premium Nulled 1.6.3

Increase your conversions through focused and tailored messages on Cart and Checkout pages.

Imagine being able to bring your customers to purchase a related product to those in their cart, or to spend more to take advantage of a particular deal or free shipping: for the majority of the online transactions, you just need a small incentive to improve the purchases of your e-commerce and to loyalize a new client.

A single plugin, yet infinite possibilities to increase exponentially the purchases of your e-commerce.
These are only few of the possible scenarios that you can realize with YITH WOO COMMERCE CART MESSAGES: imagine being able to monitor automatically the cart of the users and suggest a promotion product related to what they are going to buy.

Studies show that of the 80% of customers who abandon their cart before completing their purchase, almost half of them do so after finding themselves facing unexpected expenses (such as shipping fees), which is why offering free shipping once a certain purchase value is reached and informing customers directly in their cart page will:

  • Reduce your lost cart rate
  • Increase the average value of each single purchase
  • Keep your customers loyal

But this is only one of the possible uses of this plugin: free your imagination and increase your sales!

YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages Premium Nulled 1.6.3 Demo: https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-cart-messages/

YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages Premium Nulled 1.6.3 Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/1DVVPNV3/yith-woocommerce-cart-messages-premium-nulled-1.6.3.zip_links

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