WooCommerce Per Product Shipping Nulled v. Free Download

2020-08-18 - version 2.3.11
* Fix   - Replace deprecated jQuery methods.
* Tweak - WordPress 5.5 compatibility.

Per product shipping allows you to define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location.

Costs can be added to other shipping methods, or used as a standalone shipping method.


  • Define line and per-item costs per product
  • Define line and per-item costs per variation
  • Costs can vary depending on the destination
  • Import and export rates via the built-in simple CSV handler
  • Use as a standalone shipping method, where the final cost is the sum of all product costs
  • -or- add per-product costs to other shipping methods

Define costs for products based on the destination

This is a fantastic solution if your store is selling one-off, heavy or large products which require additional shipping unlike the rest of your catalog, or if you only have a few products with set shipping fees.

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping Nulled Demo

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