[2.1.9] WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled v.2.1.8

“WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled” is a very powerful and easy to use WooCommerce Search Plugin which turns a simple search box of your WooCommerce Store to the powerful multifunctional magic box which helps you to sell more products. The plugin UI is compatible with all WooCommerce Themes.

WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled is one of the best plugins of 2017 by Envato

Great features for your WooCommerce website

  1. Main Feature: Very fast search suggestions by Product name, description, category, tag, meta fields, attributes and SKU – no loading time, no waiting, no any ajax or server-side loading, so it is really fast.
  2. Featured products block in live search suggestions box – Add any product you want.
  3. Latest visited products block in live search suggestions box which is personalized for each visitor.
  4. Additional help messages such as “type any text you want: f.e. child shoes”, “no any match found, you would like these new products” etc… in search suggestions box.

The plugin is cleanly integrated with WooCommerce, so even theme developers can add the plugin to their themes.(via extended license)

WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled 2.1.6 Demo


WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled 2.1.6 Download

WooCommerce Search Engine Nulled 2.1.8 Download

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