[1.1.1] VidSEO Premium Nulled – video player with transcription v.1.1.0

Vidseo plugin allows to embed your videos (Youtube, Vimeo, …) with transcription (hidden or visible) to boost your website’s SEO and get better Google Search rankings.

Instead of simply embeding videos providing passive information, VidSEO plugin will make them strategic for your website’s SEO, with extra information providing more relevant content to search engines to boost your rankings in the search results.

Pro features

Presently, Automated transcription tools can’t yet deliver 100% accuracy and still need human intervention to produce usable results. For example, most inaccuracies in automated transcriptions can be caused by heavy accents, mispronunciation, inaudible speech, background noise, overlapping sounds, dialect, and slang. But as technologies improve, we might see better tools come up.

Because, you will want to create titles, headlines, and subheadings in the transcript for optimal SEO success, you will need of Vidseo PRO:

  • To format your transcript (HTML Visual Editor) instead of using a regular text area (no HTML)
  • To hide transcript to users (while it’s actually available in HTML)
  • To customize drop-down container background color (including Video Title area background)

VidSEO Premium Nulled Demo


VidSEO Premium Nulled – video player with transcription 1.1.0 Download

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