[1.1.1] WP ERP Zendesk Nulled v.1.1.0

Both WP ERP CRM and Zendesk will help you provide automated customer support in a quicker and easier method. The former is powered by WordPress and suitable for small and medium businesses whilst the latter is a cloud-based service platform which fits with any industry sector that provides some sort of customer service.

Now, what if you are using WP ERP CRM when you are also maintaining Zendesk for customer support? The good news is you can now integrate Zendesk with WP ERP with just a matter of few clicks!

The benefit is that, after successful integration, you will be able to see each and every support tickets and contacts of Zendesk within the CRM module of WP ERP. The best part is that a new contact will be created automatically in the CRM contact list of WP ERP for each time a unique contact creates a support ticket in Zendesk.

Now, let’s learn how to use Zendesk with WP ERP CRM.

WP ERP Zendesk Nulled Demo

WP ERP Zendesk Nulled 1.1.0 Download

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