ATUM Multi-Inventory – Create as Many inventories Per Product as You Wish v1.4.4

ATUM’s ‘Multi-Inventory’ premium add-on takes the WooCommerce inventory control to a whole new level. Create as many inventories per product as you wish!

WooCommerce, as the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, did not include an option for business selling from different warehouses or using several suppliers. Up until now, shop owners have had a choice to either find a 3rd party solution or to have one built specifically for their site. Neither solution is ideal unless the shop has a significant budget to cover the cost.
ATUM’s Multi-Inventory premium add-on is trying to remove the above issues and brings advanced features for a fracture of the cost charged by 3rd party service. Now you, as a shop owner have the option to add as many inventory records per product as your business needs. What is even better, the system is trying to push the editing boundaries far beyond the usual standard. Scroll below to find out about all existing and soon to come features or even try the demo FREE of charge.

Inventory Selling Priorities
Do you find it difficult to chose what inventory to sell first or how to automate the whole selling process? With our new priority selling feature choice will no longer be an issue. Drag and drop interface to set the inventory importance, sell by the expiry date or use the FIFO or LIFO method with ease.

Expirable Inventories & Inventory Iteration
Enable the global store limitation and avoid any of your valued customers to receive an expired item. Use the Inventory Iteration option to use the next inventory in priority order or to set product out of stock after its active stock is sold out.

Add Multiple Inventories Per Product
What was once impossible to achieve with the native WooCommerce interface, is now only an install away. Create as many inventory records per product as your business requires. Have full freedom of changing inventory names, recording dates of entry or shelf life, adding multiple in-house locations, restricting sales by regions, add different suppliers, SKUs or even pricing.

Features Still To Come

  • Product Levels Premium Add-on compatibility. (VERSION 1.1)
  • Add filter to order summary that can split orders by regions. (VERSION 1.1)
  • Add filter to WC products list to show only MI products. Same for SC. (in the next update) (VERSION 1.1)
  • Allow restoring only selected items from a write-off inventory and leave the rest (inventory splitting feature) (VERSION 1.2)
  • Add a notice that will tell customers about the cart availability in their region when changing it from checkout page (VERSION 1.2)
  • Add WPML multi-currency support – different currencies for different inventories (2019)
  • Register ATUM Logs for MI actions (WHEN ATUM LOGS Premium Add-on BE AVAILABLE – 2019)

Advanced Region Restriction
Does your business operate from more than one warehouse, or does it fulfil orders according to the customers’ delivery address? We have developed two advanced features to get you covered. Give your inventories relevant region restrictions, and ATUM takes care of the rest. Your customers will only see inventory amounts and prices available in their regions.

LOT/Batch Recording
Serious business has to be able to track the batch numbers of individual inventories. Give your items the correct batch code and track back any faulty items and comply with your company’s quality management.

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