[1.1.3] Trendo – Minimalistic Fashion Store OpenCart Theme Nulled 1.1.2

Premium Fashion OpenCart theme for selling clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Trendo is a robust and flexible theme, designed to match the style of an fashion webstore. Theme admin is packed with tons of options that offer endless combinations and ultimate control over the entire website content and appearance. You can build complex layouts in minutes and adapt the theme to your specific needs. It is easy and fast to setup any kind of web store.

We analyzed some of the OpenCart’s weak points and created an extension in order to improve them. According to our test, your shop will be faster than default OpenCart installation. There are also various frontend optimizations to maximize user experience and hit better results in page speed tests.

Improve your customer’s experience with super fast instant suggestion results! Upgrades the default OpenCart search engine to bring more accurate data. Built-in cache system to reduce database queries and server load. Many options to customize search results. Smooth and aesthetic theme integration.

This module gives customers a realistic shopping experience where a customer can quickly review all the product information and make a buying decision without leaving the product page. PAGE BUILDER Ready!
Light-weight module that shows the products that are most often purchased together. Set, display and position AlsoBought according to your store unique outlook and needs.

Trendo – Minimalistic Fashion Store OpenCart Theme Nulled Demo


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