[4.0] Social Warfare Pro Nulled

Social Warfare Pro 3.6.0 Nulled is a popular add-on that adjusts your content, especially with Pinterest. The Social Warfare Pro plugin lets you decide exactly which image, title, and description will appear when your content is shared on sites such as Facebook and Google+.

On top of that, you can upload a custom Pinterest image, and when someone clicks the pin button, you can type a custom description so that the picture you select appears exactly as you typed it. Now, let your readers choose the best image and write the best description for you!

In addition, when someone clicks the Twitter button, you can also write a custom tweet. The full tweet you type will be displayed in the Twitter share box and the Social War will automatically add your link to your content and add it to the end of your username.

Social Warfare Pro Nulled Demo

Social Warfare Pro Nulled 4.0 Download

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